The Lost Priories of London

July 3rd  –  On this day in 1322, hundreds of needy poor people were crushed to death in a rush to beg food and money at the gates of Blackfriars’ (Dominican) Priory.
The site of the Blackfriars’ (Dominican) Priory, and later Theatre, is visited on our Wednesday afternoon “St Paul’s to Westminster Abbey – Priories, Palaces and Parliament” and Friday morning “London Wall – A Story of Survival” walks.
Blackfriars Priory
The sites of the Charterhouse, Greyfriars’ (Franciscan) Priory, Holy Trinity Priory, Holywell Priory, the Priory of St John, the Priory of St Mary Spital, and Whitefriars’ (Carmelite) Priory,  are visited on various of our other walks.
Holy Trinity Priory
Priory of St John
Priory of St Mary Spital
Whitefriars Priory
For further information on all of the Lost City of London guided walks, have a look at the rest of our website or our facebook page

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