Far-Flung Lost London VII – Fulham

Fulham Palace was originally built in the eleventh century, as an official residence for the Bishop of London.  The oldest part of the present palace, surrounding the Fitzjames Quadrangle,  was built by Bishop Kemp in the late fifteenth century (circa 1495) and Bishop Fitzjames in  the early sixteenth (1506-22).  The  rest of the palace is  eighteenth to  nineteenth century.  The palace is currently in the care of Hammersmith and Fulham Council, and parts of it are open to the public, as also are the extensive grounds, with their notable botanical collections.

Entrance to Fulham Palace

Entrance to Fulham Palace

Fitzjames Quadrangle

Fitzjames Quadrangle

Victorian Gothic Lodge

The Victorian Gothic Lodge

2 thoughts on “Far-Flung Lost London VII – Fulham

  1. Paul Norris

    Hi. I’m with a company working on a project to develop Fulham Palace and very much like your image of Fitzjames Quadrangle. There’s a very high-resolution image I can download that seems to be the one used here. Is it possible we could use it on our website and literature?


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