The Church of All Hallows Staining

The Church of All Hallows Staining was originally built around 1177, and added to in the fifteenth  century.  It was undamaged in the Great Fire of 1666, but most of it fell down in 1671, due to undermining of the foundations by burials (mainly plague burials), and it had to be rebuilt in 1674-75, before being substantially demolished in 1870, when the parish was merged with St Olave Hart Street. The fifteenth-century tower still stands, thanks to the initiative of the Clothworkers’ Company, who were also responsible for restoring it in 1873.  The foundations are original, twelfth-century.  The crypt is also twelfth-century, although it has been transported from its original location in the chapel of St James-in-the-Wall.

5 thoughts on “The Church of All Hallows Staining

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