“Naming and shaming” of public nuisances in Medieval London (General Court of the Mayor of the City of London, 1422)

Coat of arms of Chichele family

Another in the occasional series on contemporary accounts and descriptions of the historic City of  London, this one from the transactions of the General Court of the Mayor, Robert Chichele,  for 1422 …

“There are nuisances … in the ward of Faringdon Without …

First, that the master of Ludgate often puts out dung in the … gutter and stops the water from flowing, to the great nuisance of all the folk passing there.  …   Also William Emery, horsedealer, often lays much dung in the high street and allows it to lie … .  Also the pavements before … the door of Harry Gras, barber, and … Walsh’s door, are defective and need to be mended.  … Also that John Taverner … is not a freeman of the city.  Also John Whitlok … and his wife and common bauds, and therefore have lately been put out of other wards.  Also John Swayn and his wife are forestallers, regrators, and extortioners often, , and especially lately they … paid  to [a] Boatman only 26d for 30 loads, whereas he should have been paid for every burden 3d and because of this … made much noise and open slander.  Also the taverners of St Bride’s parish set their empty tuns and pipes in the high street … ”.

Coat of arms of Chichele family

Coat of arms of Chichele family

Robert Chichele, a grocer, was Mayor twice: 1411-12 and 1421-22,

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