The Battle of Turnham Green (1642)

November 13th –  After losing the Battle of Brentford on November 12th, 1642 (see yesterday’s posting), the Parliamentarians took up a strategic defensive position at Turnham Green, with their left flank protected by the river, and their right by a series of enclosures.  There they  essentially faced down the Royalists, who found themselves unable to manoeuvre past, in one of the largest-ever confrontations on English soil (albeit a substantially bloodless one), involving some 40000 troops.   It was a decisive moment in the history of the war, the country, and its  capital.

The battle of Turnham Green

The battle of Turnham Green (illustration from ‘Look and Learn’)

2 thoughts on “The Battle of Turnham Green (1642)

  1. rafterd1972

    It is fun to learn so much about the history of London. Right now I am reading about Henry VI in London in the 15th Century. Thanks.


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