Lost Wren churches – St Antholin

Another in the occasional series on churches built by Wren after the Great Fire of 1666 that have been lost  since.

cropped of st aSt Antholin Watling Street, also known as St Antholin Budge Row, was originally built in the early twelfth century.  It was burnt down in the  Great Fire of 1666, and rebuilt by Wren in 1678-88, only to be demolished during the construction of Queen Victoria Street in 1874,  when the parish was merged with St Mary Aldermary.  Essentially nothing now remains of the church at its former site.  A stone tablet that once marked its former site was salvaged when the site was developed to make way for Bucklersbury House, and still survives affixed to the outside wall of the church of St Mary Aldermary.  The salvaged reredos survives in the church of St Anthony in Nunhead.

St Antholin plaque on St Mary Aldermary

St Antholin plaque on St Mary Aldermary


Lost Wren Churches

Lost Wren Churches

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