The Lost City of London Year in Pictures

cropped medieval

Some of my sketches from the last year …

(For further details on the featured buildings in each set, please see below)

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Top Row.  Left, Tower of London (Norman/Romanesque and later).  Right, Interior, St Bartholomew the Great (Norman).

Middle Row.  Left, Temple Church (Norman to Early Gothic).  Right, St Etheldreda  (Decorated Gothic).

Bottom Row.  Left, St Giles Cripplegate (Perpendicular Gothic).  Right, Lady Chapel, Westminster Abbey (Perpendicular Gothic).



Post-Medieval – Tudor and Stuart

Top Row.  Left, Gate-House, St Bartholomew the Great (Medieval and Tudor).  Centre, Charterhouse (Medieval, Tudor and Stuart).  Right, 41 Cloth Fair (Late Tudor to Early Stuart).

Bottom Row.  Left, Banqueting House (Mid Stuart/Palladian).  Right, St Paul’s Cathedral (Late Stuart and later/Baroque).

Post Medieval - Tudor and Stuart

Post Medieval – Tudor and Stuart

Baroque – Wren

Left, Christ Church Greyfriars.  Centre, St Bride.  Right, St Dunstan in the East.

Baroque - Wren

Baroque – Wren

Baroque – Hawksmoor

Left, Christ Church Spitalfields.  Centre, St Anne Limehouse.  Right, St Mary Woolnoth.

Baroque - Hawksmoor

Baroque – Hawksmoor

2 thoughts on “The Lost City of London Year in Pictures

  1. rafterd1972

    What beautiful drawings. Thank you so much for sharing
    I have enjoyed your posts for a long time and hope they continue
    Happy New Year.


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