St George Botolph Lane

Another in the occasional series on churches built by Wren after the Great Fire of 1666 that have been lost  since …

Lost Wren ChurchesSt George Botolph Lane was originally built in around 1180.  It was burnt down in the  Great Fire of 1666, and rebuilt by Wren in 1671-6, using material from the old St Paul’s, only to be allowed to fall into disrepair, and declared an unsafe structure and demolished in 1904, when the parish was merged with St Mary-at-Hill.

St George Botolph Lane

Essentially nothing now remains of the church at its former site, other than the name, which lives on in that of St George’s Lane, and parish boundary markers in  Botolph Alley and on Pudding Lane.

Two seventeenth-century chairs salvaged from the church survive, in St Margaret Pattens.


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