St Mildred Poultry

St Mildred PoultryAnother in the occasional series on churches built by Wren after the Great Fire of 1666 that have been lost  since …

St Mildred Poultry was originally built at least as long ago as the twelfth century, around 1175, and is possibly even of Saxon origin, bearing in mind that Mildred or Mildthryth, the daughter of one saint, the sister of two, and one herself, was born  in Mercia, in 694.  It was burnt  down in the Great Fire of 1666, and rebuilt by Wren in 1671-4, only to be demolished  in 1872, when the parish was merged with St Olave Jewry.

St Mildred Poultry plaque

St Mildred Poultry plaque

The weather-vane in the shape of a ship salvaged from St Mildred still survives, on top of St Olave Jewry.  Some salvaged furniture also survives, in the church of St Paul in Goswell Road.  A Corporation “Blue Plaque” marks the  former site of St Mildred.

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