The Theatre

April 13th – On this day in 1576, the actor and theatrical impresario James Burbage leased the land on which he later built London’s first play-house, known simply as “The Theatre”, in Shoreditch. After the lease ran out twenty-one years later, the building was disassembled and reassembled in Southwark – as “The Globe” – by James’s son Cuthbert Burbage.Theatre plaque (1) Theatre plaque (2)

The site of “The Theatre” is visited on our “Aldgate, Bishopsgate and beyond” standard walk, and on our “Tudor and Stuart London” themed special.

Further details of all our walks are available via the “Guided Walks” section of the web-site.

Bookings may be made through the “Contact/Booking” section of the web-site, by e-mail (, or by phone (020-8998-3051).

5 thoughts on “The Theatre

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  2. rafterd1972

    For years the names “Globe Theater” and Shakespeare to me were synonymous. How nice to know the history of its creation. Thanks.


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