Lost City haiku

The revised, updated and expanded second edition of my book, “The Lost City of London”, is due out on August 15th (published by Amberley) …

By way of a taster, here are some haiku I wrote for the frontispiece:

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

Impassive gargoyles

Bear witness to history

From lofty perches.

Bermondsey Abbey

Chants, caught on the wind

Of a thousand years ago,

Can be heard here, still.

St Bartholomew the Great

St Bartholomew the Great

Black-cowled monks’ candles

Dart light to shady alcoves

In an antique nave.

Crossbones Graveyard

Crossbones Graveyard

O, Crossbones Graveyard!

Echoing to the cackles

Of Winchester Geese.



Monks once cloistered here

And offered up silent prayers

Beside the plague pit.


Blood’s pervading stink

Evokes a folk-memory

Of puttings to death.

41 Cloth Fair

41 Cloth Fair

Built while Shakespeare lived

It stood, mute, in Smithfield’s wings

As  drama unfurled.

The Banqueting House

Banqueting House

Rubens’s ceiling

Set the stage the very day

A king was killed here.

The Plague Year  

Sixteen sixty-five:

Death himself, on his pale horse

Visited London.

Pudding Lane

“Lamentable Fire”

Comes to mind where Monument

Casts its long shadow.

2 thoughts on “Lost City haiku

  1. rafterd1972

    Beautiful writing. I actually ordered your book yesterday, so I guess I will be getting the original publication. I will enjoy it anyhow.


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