“A perfect storm”, or “London is drowning and I live by the river” (Matthew Paris, 1241)

Horse in waterNovember 20th –  On this day, the Feast of St Edmund, in 1241, began a great rain-storm.   Matthew Paris wrote:

“[D]istinct thunder attended by lightning, a sad presage of the approach of a lengthened tempest, alarmed the hearts and ears of mortals; nor was the warning false, for it was followed by continued unseasonable weather, and by an unpleasant and disturbed state of the air, which continued for several days.  Such deluges of rain fell, that the river Thames, overflowing its usual bounds and its ancient banks, spread itself over the country towards Lambeth … and took possession, far and wide, of the houses and fields in that part.  Owing to the inundation of the water, people rode into the great hall at Westminster on horseback.  … Thus the year passed away, … generating epidemics and quartan agues [outbreaks of a strain of malaria characterised by a fever every third or fourth day, caused by the parasitic protozoan Plasmodium malariae, in turn transmitted by the bite of an infected Anopheles mosquito]”.

As noted in the February 13th posting, Matthew Paris was a Benedictine monk, scribe, illuminator of manuscripts and chronicler, based at St Albans Abbey. He was of French origin.

Paris's illustration of a shipwreck

Paris’s illustration of a shipwreck

3 thoughts on ““A perfect storm”, or “London is drowning and I live by the river” (Matthew Paris, 1241)

  1. rafterd1972

    Very interesting. I am sending this on to my friend in the Cotswolds where they have had day after day of rain in these last weeks. Thanks for sharing.


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