The church of St Mary, Barnes

Another in the occasional series on “Far-Flung Lost London” …

Barnes was first recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086 as  Berne, from the Old English “bere-aern”, meaning barn.

The church of St Mary   was originally built in the early Medieval period, extended in the later Medieval to post-Medieval, and again in the nineteenth to  early twentieth centuries, and substantially rebuilt in the late twentieth, following a fire in 1978.  The tower dates to the fifteenth century.

A surviving Norman archway near the south door dates to  the early twelfth century …

7 - Blocked-up Norman door

… and three Early Gothic lancet windows in the chancel to the thirteenth.

4 - General view of interior

The oldest surviving brass memorial  dates to 1508.

8 - John Wylde memorial (d. 1508)

Faint traces of wall paintings from the twelfth to fourteenth centuries came to light after the fire of 1978.




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