Mary seizes the throne (Henry Machyn, 1553)

Queen Mary - quite scary.png

Henry Machyn wrote in his diary in 1553:

“The xix day of July was … Mare proclamyd qwene … , [as the] sister of the late kyng Edward the vi and daughter unto the nobull Henry  the viii … , and … ther was … song, and … belles ryngyng thrugh London, and bone-fyres, and tabuls in evere strett, and wyne and beer and alle, … and ther was money cast a-way”.

A romanticised view of the execution of Lady Jane Grey, by Delaroche

Meantime, Lady Jane Grey, who had acceded to the throne only nine days previously (see July 10th posting), was imprisoned in the Tower.  She was later tried and convicted on a charge of treason in November, 1553, and eventually executed on February 12th, 1554.

One thought on “Mary seizes the throne (Henry Machyn, 1553)

  1. rafterd1972

    I’m sure the country was glad to be rid of Mary. I haven’t read much about Lady Jane Grey, but apparently she must have been a major threat to Mary.


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