West Molesey

Another in the occasional series on “Far-Flung Lost London” …

West Molesey was first recorded as distinct from East Molesey in around 1200.

Church of St Peter


The parish church of St Peter (formerly St Margaret) was probably originally built in  the late twelfth century, and extended in the early fifteenth, around 1440; and subsequently substantially rebuilt in the early nineteenth, around 1820.  Essentially only the fifteenth-century tower survives of the external structure of the Medieval church.


The west window appears to be  a slightly later, post-Medieval,  insertion, bearing at its apex the sculpted pelican badge of Richard Fox, Bishop of Winchester and founder of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, who was Lord of the Manor here in the early sixteenth century, around 1511.

In the interior, the font is Medieval, fifteenth-century, and the pulpit post-Medieval, early seventeenth (Jacobean).  There are also some surviving post-Medieval memorials, including one to Thomas Brende (d. 1598), his two wives and eighteen children, and one to Thomas  Thorowgood (d. 1634).

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