Geoffrey Chaucer (1342?-1400)

Chaucer depicted as a pilgrim in the Ellesmere Manuscript

The poet and author Geoffrey Chaucer died in London on this day in 1400.  In life, he had been  variously employed as “Varlet de Chambre” by the then King,   Edward III,  between 1367-74; as the “Comptroller of the Customs and Subside of Wools, Skins and Tanned Hides”, between  1374-86; as a Member of Parliament between  1386-91; and as “Clerk of the King’s Works” by Richard II between  1389-91.  Between 1374-86, he is known to have lived in Aldgate, and would have walked from there to his then place of work in the Custom House in Billingsgate.  He would appear to have written “Parlement of Foules”, “The House of Fame”, “The Legend of Good Women” and “Troilus and Criseyde”, and also at least to have begun to write “The Canterbury Tales”, at this time.

Chaucer plaque, site of Tabard Inn, Southwark

Chaucer is discussed on various of our walks, including the “Medieval London” and “Medieval City Highlights” themed special walk.

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