1666 And All That (Sellar & Yeatman, 1930)


One Bad Man and Two Good Things

During Charles II’s reign the Great Plague happened in London.  This was caused by some rats which had left a sinking ship on its way from China, and was very fortunate for the Londoners, since there were too many people in London at the time, so that they were always in bad health.

In the following year, therefore, London was set on fire in case anyone should have been left over from the Plague, and St Paul’s Cathedral was built instead.  This was also a Good Thing and was the cause of Sir Christopher Wren, the memorable architect.


Among the famous characters of the period were Samuel Pepys, who  is memorable for keeping a Dairy and going to bed a great deal, and his wife Evelyn, who kept another memorable Dairy, but did not  go to bed in it.

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