NEW WALK – Shakespeare’s London


We are pleased to announce the launch of a new walk – Shakespeare’s London …

The walk starts at the “Actors’ Church” in Shoreditch, and proceeds to the sites of the Shoreditch playhouses of the 1570s, and through the Liberty of Norton Folgate, to enter the City of London at Bishopsgate.  It then proceeds  past the sites of inns that functioned as playhouses before any were purpose-built, that of a church frequented by Shakespeare’s fellow actors Heminge and Condell,  and that of the most famous of his lodgings, to that of the Mermaid Tavern,  where he was once wont to gather of an evening with Marlowe and Jonson.  And by way of “Old” London Bridge to Southwark, to the Cathedral where his brother lies buried, and, through the Liberty of the Clink, to the sites of the Bankside playhouses of the 1580s and 1590s.  And finishes with a walk across a wobbly footbridge to the sites of the indoor Blackfriars theatres, one once filled with candlelight and sweet music as well as the Bard’s immortal words.  With an optional extension to the site of the premiere of “Twelfth Night” in 1602.

Further details of all our walks are available on the “Guided Walks” section of this web-site.

Bookings may be made through the “Contact/Booking” section of the web-site, or by e-mail (

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