Roman London – Reconstruction and Zenith (late C1-early C2)

After the Boudiccan revolt of AD60/61, Roman London  was rebuilt, initially by the Procurator Julius Alpinus Classicianus under the Emperor Nero, and subsequently under the Flavian, Trajanic and Hadrianic emperorships, in the late first to early second centuries.

New building works from this period include:

the  recently-discovered post-Boudiccan fort on   Mincing Lane, dating to  c. 63;

the “Governor’s Palace”, dating to the Flavian period, c. 69-96;


the first undoubted Basilica and Forum, dating to c. 70;


the Amphitheatre, dating to c. 75;

Cripplegate Fort.JPG

and the Cripplegate Fort, dating to c. 125

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