St Katherine Coleman


St Katherine Coleman (“S. Katerin colmans” on sixteenth-century “Agas” map/Map of Early Modern London) was originally built sometime before 1288, being recorded in a will of that year as All Hallows Colemanncherche, and subsequently partially rebuilt and restored by the ten-Mayor of London, William White, in 1489, and extended in 1624.


The church was undamaged in the  Great Fire of 1666, but was nonetheless  rebuilt by James Horne in the 1730s, in the “Vernacular Palladian” style, and  demolished in 1926, when the parish was merged with St Olave Hart Street.

Pleased and Proud

St Katherine Coleman

Part of the former churchyard survives, and a Corporation “Blue Plaque” marks the former site of the church.


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