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Lost City Book 2nd Edition – Just Out

Revised Book front coverIn today’s post I received the author’s copies of my newly revised, updated and expanded book ‘The Lost City of London’ from Amberley Publishing.

I am delighted with how it has turned out, incorporating at least 15,000 more words, updated maps and various other revisions. I like the slightly smaller and chunkier shape, compared with the earlier edition. And it still features plenty of colour photographs and black and white illustrations (some of them newly added).

The link below is to the book on Amberley’s own website, where it is available for order (the new version of the book is now also available via Amazon and from local bookshops): 

Lost City of London found in the Ether!

Unbeknownst to us, (don’t publishers tell authors such things?) the book that started all this was released as a Kindle edition back in March!
We’ve recently had a look at it on both a tablet and an old-style kindle and are very pleased with the electronic edition. It seems very good value at just £6.76, and is easy to use, particularly when viewed on a tablet (the colour plates are zoomable).

Here is a link to the Kindle edition page on