Some of my artworks (more to follow) …



Paintings - Copy

Top row: Left, Tower Bridge; righ, Bedlam (view through eye-hole of padded cell, Bethlem Hospital, Beckenham).

Middle row: Left, Nocturne (inspired by Atkinson Grimshaw); right, Moon over Westminster (inspired by Atkinson Grimshaw).

Bottom row: Left, Christ Church Spitalfields; right, Pea-Souper.


Architectural Drawings


1 - Romanesque to Early Gothic (Early Medieval)

Romanesque to Early Gothic (Early Medieval, late eleventh- to thirteenth- centuries)

Top row:  Tower of London (late eleventh-century Romanesque).

Middle row: Left,  St Bartholomew the Great (early twelfth-century Romanesque); right, Temple Church (late twelfth-century Romanesque to Early Gothic).

Bottom row: Left, St Helen Bishopsgate (early thirteenth-century Early Gothic); right, St Etheldreda Ely (late thirteenth-century Decorated Gothic).


2 - Late Gothic (Late Medieval)

Late (Perpendicular) Gothic (Late Medieval, fourteenth- to fifteenth- centuries)

Top row:  Left, All Hallows by the Tower; centre, St Giles Cripplegate; right; St Andrew Undershaft.

Bottom row: Left, St Sepulchre Newgate Street; centre, Priory of St John Gate-House; right, Westminster Abbey Lady Chapel.


3 - Tudor to Stuart (Early Post-Medieval) - Copy

Tudor to Stuart (early Post-Medieval, sixteenth century)

Top row: Left, Lincoln’s Inn Old Hall (Henrician); right, Middle Temple Hall (Elizabethan).

Middle row: Left, St Bartholomew the Great Gate-House (Elizabethan); right, Staple Inn (Elizabethan).

Bottom row: Left, Inner Temple Gate-House (Jacobean); right, 41 Cloth Fair (Jacobean).


4 - Renaissance (Late Post-Medieval) - Copy

Renaissance (late Post-Medieval, seventeenth-century)

Top row: Left, St Helen Bishopsgate; right, St Katharine Cree.

Bottom: Banqueting House, Whitehall.


5 - Baroque (Wren)

Baroque (Wren)

Top row: Left, Christ Church Greyfriars/Newgate Street; centre left, St Bride Fleet Street; centre right, St Dunstan in the East; right, St Stephen Walbrook.

Bottom row: St Paul’s Cathedral.


Drawings - Copy

Baroque (Hawksmoor) 

Top row: Left, Christ Church Spitalfields; right, St Alfege Greenwich.

Middle row: Left, St Anne Limehouse; right, St George Bloomsbury.

Bottom row: Left, St George in the East; right, St Mary Woolnoth.


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