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Poor relief in Elizabethan London (John Stow, 1568)

Another in the occasional series on contemporary accounts of events in the history of London, this one written by John Stow  in 1568

“Sir Thomas Roe, Marchant Taylor, Mayor, 1568, gave to the Marchant Taylors lands or Tenements, out of them to bee given to ten poore men, Clothworkers, Carpentars, Tilars, Plasterers, and Armorers, 40 pounds yearely, viz., 4 pounds to each, also 200 pounds to bee lent to 8 poore men”.

Acts for the Relief of the Poor were passed by Parliament in 1597 and 1601.

Act for the Relief of the Poor (1601)

Act for the Relief of the Poor (1601)