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The Annual Vintners’ Installation Procession

4 - The procession on the footbridge over Thames Street

The  annual Vintners’ Installation Procession takes  place today (from 11:25) …

The new Master and other Officers of the Vintners’ Company will be  installed in the Company’s Hall, and afterwards process   from the Hall to the church of St James Garlickhythe for a special service.  In accordance with long tradition (*), they  will first be presented with bouquets  “of sweet and fine herbs that their noses be not offended by any noxious flavours or other ill-vapours”.  The procession will be led by a Wine Porter in a white smock and silk top hat, who will symbolically cleare the way with a birch besom that never actually touches the ground.  The Porter will be followed by the similarly anciently-attired Beadle, Stavesmen, Swan-Markers and Barge Master, and in turn by the gowned Master, with the rest of the Company bringing up the rear.

(*) The Company received its Charter in 1363.

The Skinners’ Election Day Procession

Skinners' Election Day Procession

In accordance with long tradition, the  annual Skinners’ Election  Procession will take place today (*).  A new Master and Wardens will be elected in the Company’s Hall on Dowgate Hill, and afterwards all the officers and members of the Company will process the short distance to the church of St James Garlickhythe on the Thames riverfront for a special service.

(*) The Company received its Charter from Edward III in 1327.  It was originally a religious fraternity dedicated to Corpus Christi, which is why its election day is on the feast day of Corpus Christi (which falls on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday).