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“Thanks … for the excellent tour! I very much appreciated the visual aids you brought. Since so many of the places and buildings related to Bacon have now been replaced by other buildings, it was useful to see them in pictures and etchings from the period”.  E.F. , California, U.S.A. (specially tailored version of “Tudor and Stuart London” walk focussing on Francis Bacon).

“Your tour was delightful. We all very much appreciated your insights and knowledge and will take fond memories back with us to the States”. A.M., Pennsylvania, U.S.A. (“Dark Age (Saxon and Viking) London” walk).

“Thank you so much for a great afternoon, I really enjoyed it. It put a lot of my reading into context and I would never have seen so much of the city and the medieval parts without your lively tour.  …  My mind is still processing all I learned from you … .  Thank you once again for the highlight of my stay in London”.  K.W., Perth, Western Australia (“Medieval City Highlights” walk).

“We both had a wonderful time on the tour. …  [It] was exactly what I had hoped it would be”.  H.P., Alberta, Canada (“Shakespeare’s London” walk).

“We all agreed that it was a lot of fun and very interesting. We can view the city in a new light now. So thanks very much”.  H.W. (“Roman London” walk).

“Perfect … .   … [T]hank you so much, we all really enjoyed it and especially [O.] who has been talking about the things he learned all weekend!  …  Thanks again and we would certainly recommend your tour to anyone”.  A.S.  (“The Great Fire of London” walk).

“Awesome … “.  K., Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada (“The Great Fire of London” walk).

“Bob ran the tour when there was just the two of us.  He set a good pace, was very knowledgeable.  His delivery was relaxed and he had a comprehensive set of visual aids in his satchel.  Can’t believe he only charges £8-00 for a 2.5 hour premier quality tour.  We did the “London Wall” tour and it ranged from foundation of London by the Romans up to the modern day passing through all eras in between.  I definitely recommend this tour”.  J.G. (“London Wall” walk) (***** TripAdvisor Review).

“I really enjoyed the walk, despite the hot weather, and loved the fact that I saw places off the beaten track that I would never have found by myself. …  Many thanks for your time and extensive knowledge”.  P.T., Cork, Ireland (“Tudor and Stuart London” walk).

“Great Tour Guide – Bob took me around a tour of Westminster and St Pauls. I was the only person and he was still happy to do it. He has a wealth of knowledge and is very personable. He is well set up with maps and photos and we saw lots of areas that the average traveller would not know about. He has a passion for his work. And at only 8 GBP for 2 1/2 hours it was very good value. Thoroughly recommend. He has a variety of tours, all on the website”.  P.C., Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia (“St Paul’s to Westminster Abbey” walk) (***** TripAdvisor Review).

“Your walk was fabulous. You have so much local knowledge and answered nearly all of my questions. It was just the right pace. I also liked your maps and photos. I would recommend it strongly to anyone.   You have a very good style of delivery. And finally it is very good value for money”.  P.C., Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia (“St Paul’s to Westminster Abbey” walk).

“We had such a fantastic time and I look forward to booking another tour with you on our next trip”.  A.H., Canmore, Alberta, Canada (“Historic Southwark” walk).

“[T]hank you for an absolutely wonderful day!  My dad said that it was the best birthday outing he has ever had, which is praise indeed.  …  From a personal perspective, I really enjoyed my day and wasn’t bored for a single moment, as everything that you told us was relevant, succinct and interesting.  Lots of history things which I have done in the past have either been way too serious or at the frivolous/macabre end of the scale, but you pitched it just right so that I could both understand and enjoy everything you said.  I don’t think that I will ever be able to walk around London with my head down again.  I am sure that we will be back for another walk … “.  L.L. (“Medieval London” walk).

“We both thoroughly enjoyed your tour and your company. …  It was really good to see where Chaucer …  lived and worked and the confines of the old city. We had a really interesting afternoon … “.  J.F. (“Medieval City Highlights” walk).

“[B]rilliant. We both thoroughly enjoyed the walk; you have a huge amount of knowledge and presented it in a very free and enjoyable way.  If we were here for longer we’d have booked another walk.  … [H]opefully we can do another … later in the year”.  A.P. (“London Wall” walk).

“Thank you so much for all … the info imparted on our walk. I really enjoyed it”.  C.B., Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (“Tudor and Stuart City Highlights” walk).

“Highly recommended”.  K.K. (“Tudor and Stuart City Highlights” walk).

“We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, it was an incredibly interesting walk and thank you very much … .  …  [W]e hope to do another walk soon”.  H.P. (“The Great Fire of London” walk).

“It was great, Bob. We really did enjoy it. … Highlight was entering St Magnus-the-Martyr and being enveloped by the smell and the sounds of the church while enjoying that magnificent model [of “old” London Bridge].   Thank you for yet another great day out in London”.  Repeat customer J.H. (“Historic Southwark” walk).

[W]e enjoyed it … .  … [I]t was great value for money … [and]  … very informative and all the [pictures] were helpful to imagine things as they once were.   It was great to stop for a cuppa and have a chat too”. N.P. (“The Great Fire of London” walk).

“We all enjoyed the walk today … .  Thank you very much … most informative & interesting … “.  L.J., Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (“Rebellious London” walk).

Thank you so much for the tour today.  We … enjoyed ourselves enormously”.  S.R. (“Tower to Temple” walk).

“Thanks so much. It was absolutely superb and exceeded all our expectations … “.  K.A., Tasmania, Australia (“The Great Fire of London” walk).

“Thank you for all the information. I have already redone part of the story thanks to your knowledge and help. I do appreciate it very much and I enjoyed our walk and talk, your knowledge is incredible and I will definitely give you an acknowledgement in my new book … “.  Repeat customer – and writer of historical fiction – P.P. (specially tailored version of “Medieval City Highlights” walk focussing on the Wars of the Roses).

“Wonderful… “.  S., Los Angeles, California, USA (“Medieval London” walk).

“I thoroughly enjoyed the walk.  … [Y]ou are very knowledgeable about British history, all the way from the ground up (literally!).  I thought during the walk that I couldn’t have been in better hands when it came to relating what I was looking at, sometimes just a ruin of only archaeological interest, to the lives and times of the people involved.  Many, many thanks for an outstanding experience”.  L.G., Fort Worth, Texas, USA (“London Wall” walk).

“I just had the best time yesterday. Thank you for your lovely company and the gem of a tour. Letting it all sink in and looking forward to taking the time to retrace our steps on a map. … Your tour is polished to perfection. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough”.  C.S. (“Medieval City Highlights” walk). 

“[T]hank you *very much*! The evening was really, really amazing, and I am so glad that you were able to accommodate us at such late notice”.  A.J. (“Medieval City Highlights” walk).

“This is the second tour of London with Bob, proving yet again that his skills as a guide are par excellence.  The breadth and depth and detail of  the information he holds is almost unbelievable, yet he made it so very interesting and was willing to take this one person on a tour.  Other testimonials bear witness to his skills and it’s hard to believe that one could have a better guide of London … “. Repeat customer G.W. (“Dark Age (Saxon and Viking) London walk)”.

Cannot thank Bob Jones enough for our … Tour – specially customized for our “Chaucer Quest”. Incredibly prompt and responsive from the booking request to the end of the tour. Bob’s encyclopedic knowledge of London/British history will amaze you. He can tailor his presentation to the history novice or to the history scholar or to anywhere in between. He shares an amazing collection of maps, drawings, photos and prints to make the tour even more comprehensive. Incredible bang for your buck (or pound). Can’t wait for our next visit to explore more of Bob’s Lost City of London”.  B.P., Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. (“Chaucer’s London” walk) (***** TripAdvisor Review).

“A tour de force!   … Thanks, Bob, we had a great day!  We are still absorbing much of what we saw but it was fabulous.  We’d certainly recommend you to others – and will more than likely do another walk with you in the future”.  D.B. (“Medieval London” walk).  

“It was such a great privilege to have a tour with you! Thank you so much for this amazing experience! I’m sure that I will be back in London and see you again … “.  K.N., Riga, Latvia (“Historic Southwark” walk).

“Very many thanks for … such an informative and enjoyable walk … “.  M.G. (“Medieval City Highlights” walk)

“Thanks Bob – we had a great time and my parents were thoroughly impressed”.  Repeat customer G.F. (“Medieval City Highlights” walk).

“Thank you for the additional information and the tour yesterday, we had a great day … . … We both particularly enjoyed the Bell Inn, Banqueting House and the site of the first coffee shop [Pasqua Rosee’s Head] and just seeing the little side streets of London that we would never usually venture down.  We will definitely be re-visiting some of the areas to explore more”.  L.I. (“Tudor and Stuart London” walk).

“Thank you so much for your fascinating and informative walk – we both really enjoyed it. Your enthusiasm for the subject and knowledge of the city enabled us to appreciate the area on a whole new level. We also really liked your illustrations (especially the Matthew Paris one – thank you for the reference!) which helped us to put what we were seeing into its Medieval context.  All in all an excellent experience (and good exercise too!).  Many thanks again and best wishes”.  A.H. (“Medieval City Highlights” walk).

“Many thanks to you for a very enjoyable and memorable afternoon.  Everyone found it fascinating and we all agreed that your pictures and diary extracts brought the whole story vividly to life.  …  Everyone said they’d love to do another of your walks before long”.  S.T. (“The Great Fire of London” walk).

Thank you for your time yesterday. We thoroughly enjoyed the walk”. T.B. (“Tower to Temple” walk).

“Thankyou so much Bob for the tour of London  … .  It was a pleasure to see these sights and places with such an erudite guide. I have long wanted to do this and couldn’t believe my luck in arranging it so quickly and on a one to one basis. I still feel thrilled …. (sorry to go on like this) and enjoyed it so much.  Your clear delivery and sense of humour too and the depth of knowledge helped me to embed ‘old knowledge’ and embed new knowledge. Many many thanks, I will certainly try to book another one the next time we are down in London”.  G.W. (“Tudor and Stuart City Highlights” walk).

We both really enjoyed ourselves & felt that you had a good mix of variety and depth”.  G.F. (“Roman London” walk).

“Thank you for the wonderful tour – I really enjoyed it”.  Repeat customer A.L., Riga, Latvia (“Historic Smithfield, Clerkenwell and Holborn” walk).

“Thank you so much for the wonderful tour – we all really enjoyed it and found out so much new”. A.L., Riga, Latvia (“Medieval City Highlights” walk).

“Thanks so much for the tour … .  It was particularly good of you to run it just with the two of us.  We both really enjoyed it and found it really insightful and informative.  We both know a little about the period but you certainly improved on our knowledge and we didn’t hear things we already know.  I thought your visuals you brought along really added to the tour as like you said you have to use your imagination and the visuals really helped. … We will highly recommended your tour to others and would be interested in coming on another … in the future”.  N.I. (“Dark Age (Saxon and Viking) London” walk).

“Thanks, Bob … .  [W]e did enjoy the walk and later went back to the Supreme Court for lunch [on your recommendation]”.  D.K., Wellington, New Zealand (“Legal London” walk).

“You made it really interesting and opened our eyes to so many aspects of the city that we had not seen before. We all enjoyed it due to your knowledge … [and] … hope to go on another walking tour with you again. … I would highly recommend anyone using your guide services”.  I.R. (“The Great Fire of London” walk).

“Thanks for your very enjoyable walk … . We all felt that it was just the right length and tone, with everyone learning an enormous amount and gaining a new perspective on London. My daughter was particularly overawed at the ancient history beneath our feet. We liked the flexibility to request a date and time and would definitely recommend you to others”.  C.T. (“Dark Age (Saxon and Viking) London” walk).

” … [W]onderful and educational … .  … [A] most satisfying day”.  M.B., Anchorage, Alaska, USA (specially tailored version of “Rebellious London” walk focussing on the English Civil War).

“We really enjoyed the walk and learnt a lot of facts about our city”.  K.G. (“The Great Fire of London” walk).

Thank you very much indeed for the wonderful … walk … . We have been talking about nothing else since, and you have transformed the way we see … places that we have previously walked past without a second glance. Your breadth of knowledge and attention to detail were captivating for both us as adults and our eleven year old son who had no context or previous knowledge. Your energy and enthusiasm meant that our son never flagged or got bored and it is astonishing to see how much he has retained and used at school since then. You were so patient and pitched your narrative at exactly the right level for all of us to enjoy and whenever we had more specific questions you were able to really open our eyes and make connections for us that were absolutely fascinating. I would urge anyone with an interest to commission you for a walk even though your skill is really in capturing the imaginations of people who don’t think they have an interest in the subject. By physically engaging with places and locations that our son has subsequently had to read about he has become completely engrossed in the subject because of the amazing context that you were able to provide. … We really are very grateful to you and would recommend your services without reservation“.  M.B. (“Medieval City Highlights” walk).

“The tour was fantastic and I really appreciated having my own personal tour guide!  … [W]andering the non-tourist streets and back alleys was a delight”.  R.P., Tucson, Arizona, USA (“Medieval London” walk).

“It was a pleasure … walking with you through the Lost City of London!  [N.W.] was impressed with your knowledge!  [Y]our tour is very interesting … “.  B.W., Austria (“The Great Fire of London” walk).

“In our opinion this is the best walking tour of London. Bob was able to entertain two people coming from two different viewpoints, one a scholar, interested in the role these places played in London’s history, and 2nd, a more traditional tourist, interested in seeing key historical landmarks in London’s history. Bob’s knowledge on London before 1666 is atypical of your average London Walk … “.  J.D., Cookeville, Tennessee, USA (“London Wall”, “Dark Age (Saxon and Viking) London” and “Medieval/Tudor and Stuart London” walks).

“Many thanks for such a wonderful walking tour. It was enlightening, entertaining and really interesting. We’ve been raving onto our friends and can’t believe it was such great value … .  … [S]uch an enjoyable day … “.  D.N. (“Dark Age (Saxon and Viking) London” walk).

“Thank you for a really interesting and fun time. … I loved it”.  J.S. (“St Paul’s to Westminster Abbey” walk).

“Thanks for the mailing through those details which round off what was a very rewarding, interesting and useful experience for both of us. Your knowledge and delivery were both greatly appreciated and opened up for us the London we were looking for. So thanks again, good luck with the tours and don’t be too surprised if you see us on one again”.  T.H. (“Aldgate, Bishopsgate and beyond (Historic Shoreditch and Spitalfields)” walk). 
“We had a great time … .  Many thanks for taking us on the tour … “.  T.M. & P.M. (“Tudor and Stuart City Highlights” walk).
“Thanks for the great walk … [and for] … sharing your materials with me!  …  Your knowledge of the landscape of medieval London is wonderful”.  C.L., Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA (“Medieval City Highlights” walk).
“Both myself and [L.C.] enjoyed your walking tour immensely, from start to finish it was highly engaging and I would recommend your tour to anyone … “.  N.C. (“Dark Age (Saxon and Viking) London” walk).
“We thoroughly enjoyed the walk- it was very interesting and informative and we learnt a lot from it.  … We’ve been discussing the information brought up in the tour for the rest of the day, so it’s really got us thinking!  Thank you for such a good tour- it was a great day out and we had a lovely time … “.  N.S. (“Dark Age (Saxon and Viking) London” walk).
“I enjoyed our walk immensely … “.  D.C. (“Medieval City Highlights” walk).
“[W]underbar – …  wandelt man auf den Spuren einer verlorenen Stadt” [“Wonderful  – … one hikes the trails of a “lost” city”]. K.H., Austria (“Medieval London” walk).
“[T]hank you so much for this great day with so many impressions and bringing us to all those “lost” and yet not lost places.   … Super happy”.  S.H., Austria (“Medieval London” walk).
“Thank you so much for this morning we really enjoyed it and it was so nice to visit some different places off the beaten track and to see some amazing parts of history that we would never have known about otherwise. You were brilliant. We will recommend you to our friends and family when they visit London next”.  C.T. (“Dark Age (Saxon and Viking) London” walk).
“We both really enjoyed ourselves on the walk, so thank you  very much. It was very informative and I think a fair amount of the information has stayed in my head, which is nice! Having booked the walk as a gift for my brother, who’s much keener on history than me, I  was unsure how much I’d enjoy it, but it was very engaging and good fun, learning a lot was a great bonus. I thought the pace and level of information was ideal, I was amazed at how much you fitted in! The images you had were an excellent addition too, I thought that worked really well – I will certainly be recommending the walk and hope to do another in the future”.  H.N. (“Rebellious London” walk).
“We had a splendid walk with you, and … wish we had more time … .  We learnt to see London with new eyes, and have already recommended your walk to friends and family. Thanks for an interesting tour, and the good company”.  N.S., Asgardstrand, near Oslo, Norway (“London Wall” walk).  
“We had a great time! Thank you so much. I found the pacing and the amount of information to be just right, and I appreciated the illustrations.   … We … give a hearty endorsement and look forward to accompanying you on another tour on our next trip”. R.H., New York, New York, USA  (“Historic Southwark” walk).
“Thank you for the splendid tour that you led on Saturday. [S.] and I had a very enjoyable and interesting time and we would certainly like to take part in another of your excursions.  At my evening event, I was effusive about my afternoon experience and I know that my group of friends would love to be involved with one of your tours in the future also. So I hope to be in touch to see if we can arrange something with you in the new year.  Thanks, again, for a great afternoon and thank you also for the follow up information which I will use to impress my friends further”.  M.P. (“Historic Smithfield, Clerkenwell and Holborn” walk).
“Fascinating information … a mine of local knowledge … .  [Y]our tour was the best thing.  … [V]ery enlightening … .  … You certainly know your history … .  … When my next book is ready I will put an acknowledgement in for you as you were so helpful”.  Writer of historical fiction P.P. (“Historic Southwark” walk).
“Bob as promised, here is my thoughts on our walking tour. It was wonderful and when I review all of the places you took me to, I am amazed at your knowledge and passion for London. The six hours of walking was rigorous, felt it the next day, but wouldn’t have missed it for anything. For those who want a really historic tour of London, you must book with Bob, it was amazing. Thanks so much … for a wonderful time. You are such a wealth of information”.  J.T., Calgary, Alberta, Canada (“Tudor and Stuart London” walk).
“[A]bsolutely fantastic … .  What a delight! Bob showed us a side of the city we had never seen before, a fascinating and thrilling tour uncovering ‘hidden’ medieval London. Wonderful, thank you, we look forward to coming again with our children”.  C.R. (“Medieval City Highlights” walk).
“[F]ab! … The children are still smiling … “.  R.C. (“Dark Age (Saxon and Viking) London” walk).
“So wonderful … .  Thank you so much for the 2 wonderful walks.  I learned so much it was amazing.  I cannot believe how much history is still alive in such a large and bustling city.  It is amazing.  … [K]eep up what you are doing.  It is amazing and wonderful to walk the city with someone who can bring the past to life!!! I so enjoyed it.  Many many thanks“.  K.O., Kingston, Ontario, Canada (“Roman London” and “Medieval City Highlights” walks).
“Awesome … .  We had such a WONDERFUL experience on your walk.  Wonderful.  It was exactly what we’d been dreaming of for our day and I feel like you truly taught us so much.   I really appreciate you slogging through the wind and rain for us!   We have sung your praises to our families at home, you truly have a gift for teaching :).  … [S]uper happy to have that memory.  Thanks … “.  C.E., Baltimore, Maryland, USA (“Medieval London” walk).
“I really enjoyed the walk, and I appreciate your considerable efforts.  … [T]he walk was at a good level …  .  Just [the right] level of detail.  … Definitely the best value I’ve had for any tour I’ve taken”.  D.G. (“Tudor and Stuart City Highlights” walk).
“It was really our pleasure to be guided by you through the history of Roman London. … [Y]our explanation … will help me to write my dissertation. We could not imagine a better tour”. V.A., Munich, Germany (“Roman London” walk).
“The walk was just excellent … .  … [T]hank you very much.  It was a wonderfully enriching experience and I enjoyed your company and expertise … .  My medieval history study has really come alive  … .  … I hope to be back in a couple of years and look forward to another walk. I will certainly recommend you to my Medieval history course“. A.A., Sydney, Australia (“Medieval London” walk).
“I enjoyed the walk very much, thank you.  It’s given me a wonderful mental picture of how it would all have worked and I learnt a lot … .  [T]hanks again”.  E.C., Melbourne, Australia (“Medieval London” walk).
“Both [L.W.] and I enjoyed your informative guided tour yesterday, we’re so glad we did [it]. … I saw areas of London I would never have thought to visit by myself.  … [I]t was a wonderful afternoon … . Thank you so much for your enthusiasm, it’s catching”. G.W., Melbourne, Australia (“Great Fire of London” walk).
“Thank you so much for … the walk … .  … I thought it was extremely interesting and I always enjoy being shown places I would not have discovered on my own.  Thank you again, hopefully I will see you again if I go to London again in the future”. C.K., Copenhagen, Denmark (“Tudor and Stuart City Highlights” walk).
“We had a great time; most edifying”. T.B. (“Great Fire of London” walk).
“We had a great tour. … You are very knowledgeable & easy to understand. The [pictures] helped [us] get a better idea of the things you were talking about. We loved seeing the places we wouldn’t have found, like the Wardrobe. The spot at the end of the tour was perfect, amazing to see all the ages of London in one spot. You have a real understanding of the history & it was interesting when you gave us your insights, like the covered theatre & how the seats cost more & helped Shakespeare become wealthy. … [T]hank you.  It was a pleasure to meet you”.  J.T., San Francisco, California, USA (“London Wall” walk).
“The tour was brilliant, we really enjoyed ourselves and learnt so much”.  R.P. (“Dark Age  (Saxon and Viking) London” walk).
“Bob was a superb guide who led us to many fascinating locations that I never knew existed and showed familiar ones in a whole new light. Learning about Anglo-Saxon London and how its influence can still be seen and felt today was an absolute pleasure. The two hours flew by with Bob’s entertaining insights into all aspects of the city’s history from architecture to street names. I cannot recommend the tour more highly”.  T.W. (“Dark Age (Saxon and Viking) London” walk).
“[T]hank you! In terms of feedback, we all only had positive things to say! Really enjoyed it … “.   S.H., originally from Cape Town, South Africa, now living in London (“Historic Smithfield, Clerkenwell and Holborn” walk).
“We found your tours to be interesting, informative and very pleasant.  We appreciate[d] not being rushed …, and your pleasant demeanor.  We definitely believe you should be charging more for your historical knowledge and time [!].    We have informed … the concierge here at the [hotel] of your great tours … “.   M.C., San Francisco, California, USA (“Historic Southwark” and “Legal London” walks).
“Fantastic … “.   T.C. (“Historic Smithfield, Clerkenwell and Holborn” walk).
“[H]ow much we enjoyed the walk.   I’ve been recommending it to friends and colleagues … “.  I.R. (“Historic Smithfield, Clerkenwell and Holborn” walk).
“Amazing.  … Brilliant. … A massive thank you … from all of us for the tour …  – we really enjoyed it and learnt so much about the old City, we had no idea how much of it was still visible to this day”.  M.C. (“Historic Smithfield, Clerkenwell and Holborn” walk).
“Bob Jones peels back the centuries to reveal the two Dark Age Londons, bringing to light their subtle presence and revealing, even to life-long Londoners, finds and places unknown, from Roman pavements to a Saxon wheel cross. His knowledgeable commentary allowed us to visit, in imagination, the London of Alfred the Great and Edward the Confessor – we recommend his tour wholeheartedly”.  E.A. (“Dark Age (Saxon and Viking) London” walk). 
“[A]mazing … .  Really fantastic tour … .  Enjoyed it a lot … .  Really thought the pictures added to the tour and helped create the atmosphere … .  I  have worked in the City on and off for years and to get underneath the surface into the history was just fascinating. We will book again to do a different tour with you … “.   V.H. (“Tower to Temple” walk).
“Thank you so much for our walk on Saturday. Really, really enjoyed it and I know the rest of the group did too”.   Repeat customer J.H. (“Great Fire of London” walk).
“Many thanks for yet another most interesting walk. Our South African friends thoroughly enjoyed everything and were impressed with your knowledge. They love London and are interested in more walks with yourself”.   Repeat customer J.S.  (“Great Fire of London” walk).
“Really good tour thank you. For me it was just right – the right mix of facts and sights – I now have a good feel for Dark Age London. Thanks again – good company and a good tour”.  A.F. (“Dark Age (Saxon and Viking) London” walk).
“I booked the Dark Ages walk as a surprise for my friend who’s interested in Medieval history. Bob had a bit of a challenge on his hands as I knew nothing about the history from this period whereas my friend’s a bit of an expert! Despite this, Bob kept us both engaged and enthused for the duration of the 2 hour walk, even with a few torrential downpours.  Bob was friendly, easy going and extremely knowledgable about the period. We visited lots of interesting new places that neither of us had been before, despite both growing up in London. It was a unique experience that I can’t recommend enough”. Z.K. (“Dark Age (Saxon and Viking) London” walk).
“[W]onderful … .  I can’t remember when I have enjoyed myself more. The tours were everything I had hoped for. I was astonished at how well you could peel back the layers of this exquisitely complex city, particularly when engaging the buildings that weren’t there anymore. Having spent many years in the study and teaching of history, I know how hard that can be and you made it effortless”.   C.H., Edmonton, Canada (“Medieval London” and “Lost Wren Churches” walks).  
“Fantastic walk.  Friendly, informative and original.  … [L]ovely, interesting and informative.  Full of beautiful churches, historical buildings and unusual facts.  Amazing attention to detail.  We really enjoyed it and have already recommended it to our friends. It was a great end to our trip.  Thanks … “. S.G. (“London Wall” walk). 
“I couldn’t have been happier with the tour! It was fantastically organized and incredibly informative. Thank you … for giving me a much better sense of the history of this diverse and fascinating city”.    M.S., Madison, Wisconsin, USA (“Tower to Temple” walk).
“Fabulous day out … . [W]onderful guide; thank you Bob”.  R.S. (“Lost Wren Churches” walk).
“We had such a fantastic time.  [D] was thrilled as was [R].  Thanks so much … .  I will be singing your praises to all and sundry.  … See you again soon … “.   Repeat customer L.P. (“Lost Wren Churches” walk).
“Thanks so much – the walk was a really huge hit with … everyone … “.  L.P. (“Medieval City Highlights” walk).
“We LOVED it!  A very detailed and interesting tour of parts of London you don’t see. Thanks very much. I will definitely recommend your walks to others”.   F.J. (“Historic Smithfield, Clerkenwell and Holborn” walk).
“Bob, thank you so much for the “Lost London” walk on Saturday. I had walked round some of the area before but learned so much from you. I hope to do another one soon”.  L.B. (“Historic Smithfield, Clerkenwell and Holborn” walk).
“Really enjoyed myself  …  in the best possible way”.  P.F. (“Medieval London” walk).
“We thoroughly enjoyed it, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the experience”.  L.D. (“Legal London” walk).
“Really enjoyed the last walk [and] looking forward to doing another one … ”.  Repeat customer A.T. (“St Paul’s to Westminster Abbey” walk).
“Have had a lovely time and really enjoyed Bob’s tour”.   S.J. (“St Paul’s to Westminster Abbey” walk).
“Just to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the walk last Saturday, in the past I have worked in the St Paul’s area and more recently socialised in Theatreland, China Town and Covent Garden.  In all cases I have just travelled from one location to the other never really looking at my surroundings. On Saturday it was really great to understand what I had been passing by, it was very interesting and informative.  Thanks for a great afternoon”.  L.M. (“St Paul’s to Westminster Abbey” walk).
“Many thanks for a most informative and enjoyable walk. We both thoroughly enjoyed it and would love to explore more of London and learn of its history”.  J.S.  (“St Paul’s to Westminster Abbey” walk).
“We all had a lovely time on Saturday – many thanks. It seems that we were very lucky with the weather – the grande finale of the Houses of Parliament in the evening sunshine was completely spectacular (I’ve got some wonderful photos).  I think we all now realise that London is a wonderful and interesting city but we needed you to point it out to us. … [W]e would be very interested in another walk in the Clerkenwell area”. Repeat customer J.H. (“St Paul’s to Westminster Abbey” walk).
“Thank you on behalf of all of us – a great afternoon out and a real eye-opener to history that could be so easily overlooked. Now I’m keen to learn more”.   M.S. (“London Wall” walk).
“A very interesting and enjoyable walk with Bob on Wednesday. There is so much of the little-known past of London hidden amongst the chrome, steel, glass and concrete of the modern. Bob knows just how to tease it out”.  M.B. (“London Wall” walk).
“Had a wonderful walk last week with Robert; so amazing to get an insight into London as it was all those years ago. The most fascinating city walk I’ve ever done”. B.V. (“Aldgate, Bishopsgate and beyond (Historic Shoreditch and Spitalfields)” walk).
“Bob took us on the London Wall walk on Saturday. It was really good – very interesting historical buildings, as well as bits of wall – churches, inns, guild halls, etc. We really enjoyed ourselves, learning about the area we started off our working lives in. He is so knowledgeable; dates and stories brought everything to life. I can thoroughly recommend his Lost City of London walks. We are going to do the Southwark one, next time, and can’t wait! Book’s great too”.  J.A. (“London Wall” walk).
“Well that was a morning well spent ! Really interesting walking tour in London! Great way to see the hidden extras! It was lovely! The walk went round an area I was quite familiar with, so it was great to flesh out the bones with detail. Looking forward to doing it again”.   A.T. (“London Wall” walk).
“Thank you Bob, it was a very insightful afternoon. I was surprised how many interesting places there are in the City that I’ve never known about or noticed before. Your knowledge of history of the Great Fire of London and its repercussions is impressive to say the least. Once again thank you for your time today and I’m sure we’ll do more walks with you”.   A.Q. (“Tower to Temple” walk).
“We definitely enjoyed it! Looking forward to do some more walks in the future”.   M.D., originally from Poland, now living in London (“Tower to Temple” walk).

4 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Gayle Wray

    What was not to like and enjoy here. The testimonials already logged demonstrate how good Bob’s tours are. The comments seem to be too good to be true. However, dear reader.. they are not. Erudite, extremely knowledgeable – and such a depth of knowledge too. Delivered clearly and with humour I doubt you will get a better guide to London. it was thrilling to witness these historic places. Highly recommended.

  2. Jennifer Turner, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    Bob as promised, here is my thoughts on our walking tour. It was wonderful and when I review all of the places you took me to, I am amazed at your knowledge and passion for London. The six hours of walking was rigorous, felt it the next day, but wouldn’t have missed it for anything. For those who want a really historic tour of London, you must book with Bob, it was amazing. Thanks so much again for a wonderful time.

  3. Liz Beddow

    Bob, thank you so much for the “Lost London” walk on Saturday. I had walked round some of the area before but learned so much from you. I hope to do another one soon. Liz

    1. Jason

      My wife and I went on 3 different walks with Bob over a week’s time. First was the Roman Wall walk, then a full day combined walk of Medieval/Post Medieval London, and finally the Dark Ages walk. Bob was very kind in orchestrating all the walks so that our legs could accommodate all the sights. In our opinion this is the best walking tour of London. Bob was able to entertain two people coming from two different viewpoints, one a scholar, interested in the role these places played in London’s history, and 2nd, a more traditional tourist, interested in seeing key historical landmarks in London’s history. Bob’s knowledge on London before 1666 is atypical of your average London Walk. Bob has a very good pace on the walk, not lingering too long on any one point of interest. You will burn some calories, but that’s half the fun.


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